2017 Short List for Business Partner Awards

2017 Short List for Business Partner Awards

Innovative Consultant of the Year

Bobbi Basile
HBR Consulting

Bobbi, on behalf of HBR Consulting, provided advisory services to an Am Law 20 firm to successfully redefine its ediscovery pricing model. The newly implemented pricing structure significantly improves the profitability of litigation support and shifted the perception of the group from a technical function to a valuable, and profitable, contributor to the firm’s bottom line. Law firm and law department clients consistently seek out Bobbi’s services because of her ability to implement creative solutions that drive innovation in the industry in the best interest of her clients. Bobbi has a unique combination of expertise in technology, legal requirements, litigation, electronic discovery and business that enables her to develop sustainable ediscovery strategies that mitigate risks, contain costs and align with clients’ business needs to deliver measurable results.

FTI Consulting


FTI Consulting and its global technology practice combine software, services and experienced consultants to help law firms and corporate legal teams address complex ediscovery and data analytics challenges arising from litigation and regulatory investigations. Specializing in information governance and compliance, complex litigation, document review, digital forensics, investigations, and multi-language review, FTI approaches clients with a relationship-centered approach, collaborating to ensure tailored, strategic solutions to high-stakes challenges. With more than 450 experts around the world, FTI can deliver a fast response when and where clients need it. New services provide the people, process and technology necessary to deliver concrete improvements with demonstrable value in reducing corporate risk, cutting storage costs, securing data, improving the ediscovery processes and enabling faster and deeper insight into data.


Kenny Leckie
Traveling Coaches, Inc.

With more than 20 years of experience in the legal field, most inside law firms, and extensive client engagements around technology deployments and security programs, Kenny has earned the trust of clients across the U.S., Canada and U.K. Leveraging his Prosci Certified Change Practitioner knowledge and strong relationships, Kenny's expertise brings immediate value to clients as they navigate the decision tree path of Office 365, Office 2016 and Windows 10. Clients are quick to note that as the complexity of the decision increases, his approach to providing detailed data ensures that as recommendations are presented to executive management, there is confidence knowing every aspect of the decision has been thoroughly analyzed and the project is aligned to the business of the firm. That preparation is then augmented with engaging consulting sessions to plan the roads of change, ensuring the highest adoption and greatest return on investment for the firm.



Annette Sanders

Annette is not afraid to take on challenges. She is a leader in every sense of the word. To make software upgrades easier for ILTA members and all clients, she created a new Migration Roundtable that puts all installation and configuration settings at the client’s fingertips (in an Excel workbook). She generously transfers her knowledge to clients and takes pride in helping to make all processes easier for IT teams. Annette manages projects and inspires people to follow her.











Innovative Thought Leader of the Year

Sherry Kappel

The journey to the mountaintop that is “the cloud” and Office 365 requires a Sherpa – a skilled guide who knows the safe paths and the pitfalls, all while keeping an eye on the ever-changing weather. Sherry is that guide. With over a 30-year career in legal technology, Sherry has led firms to the mountaintop. Whether guiding them from WordPerfect to Word, from .doc to .docx, or from the desktop to the cloud, Sherry has earned the trust of law firms around the world because she consistently guides them to a safe haven. Over the past year, that thought leadership has increasingly focused on taking the fear and uncertainty out of the cloud. Via a multi-city Office 365 roadshow, presentations for local trainer groups and individual client engagements, Sherry has helped create momentum around new technologies that enable lawyers to work when and where they want without sacrificing either security or productivity.

Keith Lipman

People who know Keith will often agree on at least one key point: He is one of the legal industry's important thinkers. The tremendous amount of thinking he has done regarding the practice and business of law over the span of his career has resulted in many achievements, including the successful 2008 formation of his software company, Prosperoware, which now employs over 80 professionals across the globe and services over 270 law firms. People who know Keith also know he will not be resting on his laurels anytime soon. Keith, like many innovators, is difficult to satisfy, an exhaustive innovator and at times a trouble-maker — exactly what the legal industry needs as we move forward.

Jason Smith

Being a legal technology thought leader means you understand how to tap into your own talent, experience and passion and combine that with an established network of experts and problem solvers to solve the biggest issues facing the legal profession – both in terms of innovation to help lawyers in their practice of law and in terms of the legal implications of emerging technologies that are continuously testing precedent. As a law firm lawyer, an in-house counsel, a technology consultant and the co-founder of several startups, Jason is able to present a depth of knowledge few others can. He has built a network of customers, partners, colleagues and competitors that have come to view him as a trusted advisor and legal technology visionary. Jason stands at the intersection of expertise and passion in the practice of law and legal technology. He is the definition of a thought leader.



Innovative Solution Provider of the Year

Bellefield Systems Inc

Bellefield Systems, the leader in mobile and anywhere time entry solutions for firms of all sizes, has created a first-of-its-kind policy management system for professional services organizations. This innovation allows firms to automate time entry policy management, measure performance against the firm’s time entry policy and initiate positive behavior changes by interacting directly with timekeepers. The policy management system also includes a gamification component, allowing firms to reward or penalize timekeepers based on performance. This is a groundbreaking innovation for firms that devote extensive resources toward managing time entry compliance but have little insight into the drivers of performance.


iManage has developed a document and email management system packed with powerful new features that help today’s legal professionals work more productively on any device, from anywhere. iManage Work 10 stands out as the first document and email management application designed with input from hundreds of professional services users to ensure superior usability. Enhanced with AI-based smart features that boost productivity, iManage Work 10 is delivered through elastic cloud-scale services or as an on-premises deployment. Thousands of customers have attended webinars and road show events to learn more about iManage Work 10, and hundreds of customers are in the process of upgrading to the new version. iManage Work 10 has been written about in top-tier industry publications and discussed in various legal groups on LinkedIn and ILTA forums.


PayneGroup has disrupted their own technology by creating an Office 365, cloud-based redaction tool for both spreadsheets and documents. Redact Assistant for Spreadsheets and Redact Assistant for Documents are software programs used to black out or hide specific text in Microsoft Excel files and Microsoft Word documents in order to obscure part of the file's text for legal, security or regulatory compliance reasons. The obscuring process is known as redaction. Redact Assistant allows files to remain in their native file format without having to convert to a picture or other file type. Both text search and pattern formatting matching is available in the software. Redaction is final upon saving the file. These solutions will allow you to feel confident that your file is protected from exposing sensitive information. Redact Assistant for Office 365 is affordable for everyone and available from the Microsoft App store online.

Prevalent, Inc.

The Prevalent Legal Vendor Networ (LVN) is a membership-based program developed by Prevalent and a steering committee comprising members from 25 of the top law firms. It was designed for law firms by law firms, regardless of size, to easily and inexpensively assess and monitor their third-party vendors for security and data risk. LVN has been patented, and it's membership has grown by over 300% in 2016, with expected growth in 2017 to reach 100 global law firms and over 400 vendors in the repository. LVN is the industry’s first standardized model for automated/shared risk assessments and global threat monitoring of third- and fourth-party vendor risks.

Traveling Coaches, Inc.

Traveling Coaches has created an innovative, holistic talent development system called LegalMind. It combines a cloud-based platform with role-specific learning programs complimented with an expansive catalog of legal-specific content to deliver learning and performance support anytime, anywhere, on any device. LegalMind focuses on addressing the unique requirements of law firms by using built-in application simulators and virtual graded assignments developed to assess new and existing employee skill gaps and competencies; providing personal learning programs that help assimilate new employees and retain existing ones; incorporating blended learning strategies that combine the best of self-directed, virtual or in person learning – targeted at specific job roles, practice areas and skill levels; tracking consumption of mandatory and/or compliance-related education to meet client and regulatory requirements; and facilitating "just in time" micro-learning that enables lawyers and staff to select from a vast catalog of content segments that are compelling and easy to consume. LegalMind leverages the latest tools and technologies to surface the most relevant information for the learner based on job role, professional development goals and learning style. LegalMind features the best in legal-specific content with topics ranging from technology to soft skills to professional development.