Judging Information

Judging Information

2019 ILTA Peer Awards Judging Information

Crowdsourced Voting

Beginning in 2019, ILTA will ask the ILTA membership to choose final recipients for a couple of the ILTA Distinguished Peer Awards!

Here is how it will work:

  • A panel of judges will review all applications and vote for three finalists.
  • Each finalist will create a five-minute video.
  • Videos will be posted for members (including those not attending ILTACON) to view prior to ILTACON (in late-July / early-August 2019).
  • Links will be made available for crowdsourced voting on recipients (both ILTACON member attendees and those members not attending ILTACON may vote).

Differences in crowdsourced voting are identified below:

Business Partner of the Year Award
  • Voting will close before ILTACON begins (TBD).
Transformation Project of the Year
  • Videos will also be played immediately before the keynote address occurring on Wednesday, August 21, 2019 at ILTACON.
  • Voting will remain open until the end of the Wednesday keynote address and results will be tallied real-time.

Traditional Voting

The remaining award recipients* will be decided as has been done in the past, with a panel of judges who will:

  • Review the applications and vote for three finalists;
  • Interview the three finalists; and
  • Vote for the recipient based on both their application and interview.
*The Young Professionals to Watch Award recipients will be decided based upon a ranking tool used by the judges. The number of recipients will vary based on scores given.