Publication Award Winners

Publication Award Winners

About the Awards

Our award-winning magazine and deep-dive white papers allow you to hear from peers and respected vendors/consultants who are sharing their knowledge and experience. ILTA celebrates all those who contribute their expertise to our publications, and picking the “best” from among hundreds of outstanding articles, case studies and other creative content is a difficult task. The real winners are the consumers of that great content, the ILTA readership. The achievements recognized by the Publications Awards were judged by ILTA’s editorial staff. Qualifying articles were published between July 1 and June 30. We celebrate the following accomplishments, and encourage you to author for ILTA!

Outstanding Member-Contributed White Paper Article

Outstanding Vendor-Contributed White Paper Article

Most Innovative Editorial Content

Rising Star

Outstanding Member-Contributed Magazine Article

Outstanding Vendor-Contributed Magazine Article

Most Innovative Ad Content

Shining Star