Premiership Award

Premiership. It’s a word you’ll see or hear frequently as you engage in activities with ILTA. The word sits at the heart of our mission as we strive to provide the premier environment for education and peer connections. Premiership is our strategy, it’s our primary metric against which we measure our success, and it’s our guiding principle that informs our behaviors.


Premiership Award recipients could come from our traditional volunteer ranks, but that type of service is not necessarily a criterion. Contributions to our community can happen in the most non-traditional ways. The award recipients will have demonstrated all of the following in extraordinary, consistent and significant measure.

They exhibit an unswerving commitment to professionalism. This is defined through a career exemplifying the highest standards of personal conduct; a record of fairness and equality, and a clear recognition as being a model for others and a standard-setter in the profession.

They have an exceptional dedication to the advocacy and advancement of people, process and technology as demonstrated by speaking and writing activities; mentoring and counseling of others; participation in activities promoting technology and process improvement; development of new approaches and techniques; or other activities contributing to the knowledge, skills and abilities of individuals or to the profession as a whole.

They achieve a record of contributions to the legal sector that far exceeds expectations and provides a model and inspiration for participation and involvement by others. Such a record will be demonstrated over an extended period of time in a number of different positions or capacities. It’s a record of achievement that demonstrates the individual’s capacity for vision, innovation, collaboration and motivation of others.


ILTA’s Premiership Award, created by our Board of Directors in 2015, is an honor that will be given on rare occasions by the Board to individuals whose footprint on the legal sector is extraordinary and evident across an extended period of time.

2015 Recipient

John Alber, Former Chief Innovation Partner at Brian Cave and ILTA’s Futurist