ILTA’s 8th Annual
Distinguished Peer Awards

AUGUST 15, 2017  •  LAS VEGAS

ILTA’s Peer Awards Program

ILTA's Distinguished Peer Awards program recognizes ILTA peers who have delivered great business value and transformational impact through their innovations and implementations or have been champions in specific areas of focus for their organizations.

Individual Awards

These awards focus on individual ILTA law firm and law department members who demonstrate exceptional accomplishments and leadership within their organizations.

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Organization Awards

The organization awards recognize team excellence within ILTA member law firms and law departments.

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Business Partner Awards

Business partner awards recognize superior achievements in innovation by ILTA vendors and consultants.

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Our award-winning magazine and deep-dive white papers allow you to hear from peers and respected vendors/consultants who are sharing their knowledge and experience. ILTA celebrates all those who contribute their expertise to our publications, and picking the “best” from among hundreds of outstanding articles, case studies and other creative content is a difficult task. The real winners are the consumers of that great content, the ILTA readership.

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Premiership Award

ILTA’s Premiership Award, created by our Board of Directors in 2015, is an honor that will be given on rare occasions by the Board to individuals whose footprint on the legal sector is extraordinary and evident across an extended period of time.

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