Judging Information

Judging Information

2019 ILTA Peer Awards Judging Information

Crowdsourced Voting

Beginning in 2019, ILTA will ask the ILTA membership to choose final recipients for a couple of the ILTA Distinguished Peer Awards!

Here is how it will work:

  • A panel of judges will review all applications and vote for three finalists.
  • Each finalist will create a five-minute video.
  • Videos will be posted for members (including those not attending ILTACON) to view prior to ILTACON (in late-July / early-August 2019).
  • Links will be made available for crowdsourced voting on recipients (both ILTACON member attendees and those members not attending ILTACON may vote).

Differences in crowdsourced voting are identified below:

Business Partner of the Year Award
  • Voting will close before ILTACON begins (Announcement and details coming early August).
  • The Business Partner of the Year Award will be presented at the Exhibit Hall opening reception at ILTACON 2019, 10 minutes or so after it opens.
Transformation Project of the Year
  • Videos will be available online and in the ILTA Hub during ILTACON 2019.
  • Voting will remain open until the beginning of the Wednesday keynote address and results will be tallied and announced directly following this keynote.

Traditional Voting

The remaining award recipients* will be decided as has been done in the past, with a panel of judges who will:

  • Review the applications and vote for three finalists;
  • Interview the three finalists; and
  • Vote for the recipient based on both their application and interview.
*The Young Professionals to Watch Award recipients will be decided based upon a ranking tool used by the judges. The number of recipients will vary based on scores given.